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Accessibility: Easy Eligibility
Duration: 18 Months
Dual Qualification Diploma + Degree
Affordability 4,000 (GBP)
Delivery: 100% online
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BBA in Marketing

BBA in Marketing
( 5.0 )

Embark on an exciting journey with UeCampus's BBA in Marketing. This programme is your gateway to mastering the art and science of modern marketing. Immerse yourself in the world of brand management, digital marketing, consumer behaviour, and market research. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to transform you into a marketing maven, adept at crafting impactful marketing strategies and campaigns. With UeCampus, you're not just pursuing a degree; you're equipping yourself with the skills and insights needed to excel in the fast-paced, ever-evolving marketing landscape. Get ready to unlock a world filled with creative and strategic marketing opportunities.

Course Goals
Upon completion of the BBA in Marketing Programme, students will be able to:
Analyse Market Trends

Gain a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour to inform marketing strategies

Develop Comprehensive Marketing Plans

Craft and execute effective marketing plans that resonate with target audiences.

Master Digital Marketing Techniques

Become proficient in digital marketing tools and strategies to engage online audiences.

Enhance Brand Management Skills

Learn to develop and manage strong, cohesive brand identities.

Conduct Effective Market Research

Utilise market research methods to gather insights and inform marketing decisions.

Cultivate Creative Campaign Development

Develop innovative marketing campaigns that capture attention and drive results.

Navigate Marketing Ethics and Regulations

Understand and apply ethical considerations and regulations in marketing practices.

Your Ambition, Our Admission Criteria:
  • High School Diploma
  • Level 3/4/5 Diploma in any discipline OR
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience demonstrating current industry knowledge

If you have a genuine passion for marketing and are ready to make a significant impact in this field, UeCampus is here to support you.

Course Units

The programme encompasses a diverse range of units covering essential aspects of marketing, ensuring students acquire a comprehensive skill set. The units offered are as follows:

1 Communications in Organisations 20 10
2 Leadership and the Organisation 20 10
3 Financial Awareness 20 10
4 Managing Change 20 10
5 Business Operations 20 10
6 Developing Teams 20 10
1 Responding to the Changing Business Environment 20 10
2 Effective Decision Making 20 10
3 Business Development 20 10
4 Business Models and Growing Organisations 20 10
5 Customer Management 20 10
6 Risk Management and Organisations 20 10
1 International Marketing 20 10
2 Strategic Human Resource Management 20 10
3 Organisational Strategy 20 10
4 Managing Sustainability 20 10
5 Cross Cultural Management in International Business 20 10
6 Leadership and Management 20 10
Career Growth

Embark on a dynamic career path with our BBA in Marketing, a programme expertly tailored to nurture your marketing expertise. This course delves into essential marketing principles, digital strategies, and effective brand communication. Career opportunities post-graduation include:

Marketing Manager

Lead marketing initiatives and strategies for brands and businesses

Digital Marketing Specialist

Drive digital marketing efforts across various online platforms

Brand Strategist

Develop and implement long-term branding strategies.

Market Research Analyst

Analyse market data to inform marketing strategies.

Social Media Manager

Manage and grow a brand's presence on social media platforms.

Content Marketing Executive

Create compelling content for various marketing channels.

Advertising Coordinator

Plan and execute advertising campaigns

Distinguished Dual Qualification
Enhance Your Profile with a Dual Qualification
  • Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business and Management from Qualifi
  • BBA Degree from Pôle Paris Alternance (PPA)

This dual qualification broadens your professional appeal, unlocking global opportunities for career advancement in the dynamic world of marketing

Qualification Earned Upon Graduation
  • Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business and Management from Qualifi
  • BBA Degree in Marketing from Pôle Paris Alternance (PPA)
Fee Payment Plans
Investment in Your Future

Priced at £4,000 with convenient monthly installment plans.

Scholarships available, offering discounts on the fee and flexibility in payment through extended course duration.

Please contact our admissions team for more information on scholarships and payment options.

Fee Structure Overview:

Full Payment Upfront


  • Total Fee: £4,000
Save £200 Discount: 5%

18 Monthly Installments


  • Total Fee: £4,000

Quarterly Installments

£667/3 months

  • Total Fee: £4,000

Semi Anual Installments

/6 months

  • Total Fee: £4,000
Benefits of the Programme

Flexible and Self-Paced Education

Adaptability at its Best Your Pace, Your Choice

Fast Track to Success

Quick Completion Supercharge your professional growth and achieve your degree in record time

Affordability and Quality

Unbeatable Value High-quality education at an affordable price point

Dual Qualification

Upon completion, you will earn both two prestigious UK diplomas and a recognised European degree