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Unleash your potential and embark on a transformative journey with UeCampus’s specialized MBA program tailored for ACCA students who have completed 13 exams. Earn a prestigious Master of Business Administration degree by combining your ACCA qualifications with our expertise. Specialize in areas like consulting, audit and management control, or finance, gaining essential skills for success. Navigate real-world scenarios and develop a strategic mindset, showcasing your expertise through a captivating consulting project. With flexible learning options and affordable fees, this program is an investment in your future.

Exclusive to ACCA Members:

Our MBA program is exclusively designed for ACCA members, recognizing the exceptional knowledge and expertise you possess as a qualified accounting professional. We value the rigorous training and comprehensive skillset acquired through your ACCA qualification. By choosing our MBA program, you can further enhance your career prospects and expand your horizons in the business world. Take the next step in your professional journey and unlock new opportunities with our MBA for ACCA members at UeCampus.

  • Consulting, Audit and Management Control
  • Finance
Course Completion Requirements
Consultancy Project:

This course is entirely project-based, focusing on practical application and experience. It’s an opportunity for students to delve into the world of business and finance.

The consultancy project is a dual-component task, consisting of:

Project Report

You are expected to submit a comprehensive report detailing your project. This report should range from 7,000 to 10,000 words.

Project Defense

A significant part of this course is the virtual defense of your project. This defense will require you to articulate your strategies, justify your decisions, and demonstrate your problem-solving abilities. Additionally, you will be expected to respond to any questions or inquiries related to your work.

Distinguished Qualification

Experience the prestige of a European degree from France with our MBA for ACCA members awarded by PPA (Pôle Paris Alternance), renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and producing highly skilled professionals. As a graduate, you will join a distinguished network of successful professionals working globally in various industries. This prestigious degree from PPA will elevate your profile, providing you with the recognition and opportunities you need for career advancement.

Fee Payment Plans
Investment in Your Future

Our MBA for ACCA Members is not only an investment in your education but also a strategic investment in your future. All this is available for a comprehensive fee of £2,000. We offer a convenient monthly installment plan to make the payment process easier.

Scholarships are available, offering discounts on the fee and providing flexibility in payment through extended course duration.

Please contact our admissions team for more information on scholarships and payment options.

Fee Structure Overview:

Full Payment Upfront


  • Total Fee: £2,000
Save £100 Discount: 5%

6 Monthly Installments

£333.4 /month

  • Total Fee: £2,000

Quarterly Installments

/3 months

  • Total Fee: £2000

Semi Anual Installments

/6 months

  • Total Fee: £2000
Benefits of the Program

Flexible and Self-Paced Education

Adaptability at its best Your pace, your choice

Fast Track to Success

Quick Completion Supercharge your professional growth and achieve your degree in record time

Affordability and Quality

Unbeatable Value High-quality education at an affordable price point

Dual Qualification

Upon completion, you will earn both two prestigious UK diplomas and a recognised European degree