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Accessibility: Easy Eligibility
Duration: 6 Months
Dual Qualification Diploma + Degree
Affordability 3000 (GBP)
Delivery: 100% online
Language: English
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MBA in Accounting and Finance

( 5.0 )

Elevate your expertise with UeCampus's MBA in Accounting and Finance. This programme is a treasure trove for aspiring financial leaders and accountants. You'll immerse in the world of advanced financial theories, accounting practices, and fiscal strategies. Our curriculum is tailored to build your acumen in financial decision-making, corporate valuation, and investment management. UeCampus is your launchpad to becoming a pivotal figure in the financial sector, equipped to navigate and lead in the rapidly evolving landscape of global finance.

Course Goal
Upon completion of the MBA in Accounting and Finance Programme, students will be able to:
  • Apply advanced accounting principles to manage financial operations in businesses.
  • Analyse and interpret financial data to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Master financial reporting, taxation, and auditing practices.
  • Develop effective financial strategies to maximise profitability and growth.
  • Navigate global financial markets and apply investment management techniques.
  • Understand and apply ethical standards in accounting and finance practices.
  • Utilise financial technology and tools for efficient financial management.
Your Ambition, Our Admission Criteria:

Our admission criteria are designed to recognise your ambition and potential, not just your academic records. Here's what you need:

  • A Bachelor's Degree / Level 7 Diploma in any discipline OR
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience demonstrating current industry knowledge

If you have a genuine passion for MBA to make a positive impact and are prepared to take a significant stride in your career, UeCampus is here to support you.

Course Units

The programme encompasses a range of units that cover essential aspects of Accounting and Finance, ensuring students acquire a comprehensive skill set. The units offered are as follows:

S/N COURSE UK Credit (RQF) 180 European Credit (ECTS) 90
1 Level 7 Diploma 120 60
2 Module 1 15 7.5
3 Module 2 15 7.5
4 Research / Consultancy Project 60 30
Career Growth

Embark on a lucrative career journey with our MBA in Accounting and Finance, a programme that hones your financial expertise. This course prepares you for high-level roles in financial management and accounting. Career opportunities include:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Lead the financial planning and management of an organisation.
  • Financial Analyst: Provide insightful analysis to inform investment and business decisions.
  • Corporate Controller: Oversee an organisation's accounting operations and financial reporting
  • Investment Banker: Advise and assist organisations in financial transactions and capital raising.
  • Audit Manager: Lead auditing processes to ensure financial compliance and accuracy.
  • Risk Management Director: Develop strategies to manage and mitigate financial risks.
  • Tax Advisor: Provide expert advice on tax planning and compliance for businesses and individuals. This MBA equips you with a profound understanding of finance and accounting, making you a sought-after professional in various sectors like banking, corporate finance, and consultancy.
Distinguished Dual Qualification
Enhance Your Profile with a Dual Qualification

Elevate your resume with our MBA programme and gain a prestigious dual qualification that sets you apart. You will earn a Level 7 Diploma from Qualifi, a respected UK awarding body regulated by OFQUAL, and an MBA degree from Pôle Paris Alternance (PPA), a renowned institution in the field. This unique combination expands your professional appeal, unlocking limitless global opportunities for career advancement

Qualification Earned Upon Graduation

Stage One – One of the following Diploma from Qualifi

  • Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance
  • Level 7 Diploma in Asset based Lending
  • Level 7 Diploma in Family Office and Wealth Inheritance Management
  • Stage Two – Degree from PPA
  • MBA degree in Accounting and Finance from Pôle Paris Alternance (PPA)
Fee Payment Plans
Investment in Your Future

Transform your future with our MBA priced at an unbeatable £3,000. We offer a convenient monthly installment plan to make the payment process easier.

Scholarships are available, offering discounts on the fee and providing flexibility in payment through extended course duration.

Please contact our admissions team for more information on scholarships and payment options.

Fee Structure Overview:

Full Payment Upfront


  • Total Fee: £3,000
Save £150 Discount: 5%

6 Monthly Installments


  • Total Fee: £3,000

Quarterly Installments

/3 months

  • Total Fee: £3,000

Semi Anual Installments

/6 months

  • Total Fee: £3,000
Benefits of the Programme

Flexible and Self-Paced Education

Adaptability at its Best Your Pace, Your Choice

Fast Track to Success

Quick Completion Supercharge your professional growth and achieve your degree in record time

Affordability and Quality

Unbeatable Value High-quality education at an affordable price point

Dual Qualification

Upon completion, you will earn both two prestigious UK diplomas and a recognised European degree