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At UeCampus, we take immense pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality education and globally recognized qualifications. Our steadfast dedication to excellence is evidenced by the accreditations and recognition we have received from reputable organizations. These affiliations validate the credibility and value of the qualifications we offer, ensuring that our learners and their future employers can place unwavering trust in the quality of their education.

Why Choose Accredited Programmes?

By choosing accredited programmes through UeCampus, you can have confidence that your education meets rigorous standards set by respected institutions. Accreditation ensures that your qualification is recognised by employers, educational institutions, and professional bodies worldwide, opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

Qualifi - Recognized Awarding Organisation:

We are proud to partner with Qualifi, a highly esteemed Awarding Organisation (AO) acknowledged by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). As a non-ministerial UK government department, Ofqual regulates qualifications, exams, and assessments. Qualifi's accredited status reflects their dedication to upholding rigorous standards and ensuring educational excellence. Through our collaboration with Qualifi, we offer learners accredited diploma programs that bear the hallmark of quality and global recognition.

Pole Paris Alternance (PPA)

Pôle Paris Alternance (PPA) is a renowned provider of business education in France, widely acknowledged for its exceptional quality and innovative approach. The school holds recognition by the French State to offer undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, and its degrees are globally recognized and valued by employers. PPA has also secured its position among the top business schools in France, as acknowledged by prestigious publications such as the Financial Times and Eduniversal.

The Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) serves as the national register for professional certifications in France, encompassing diplomas, degrees, and professional titles aligned with rigorous national standards. The Commission Nationale de la Certification

Professionnelle (CNCP) assumes responsibility for overseeing the RNCP, ensuring the quality and relevance of the certifications listed within the register. Working under the French Ministry of Labor, the CNCP plays a vital role in evaluating and managing certifications featured in the RNCP catalog. The combined efforts of the RNCP and CNCP establish a reliable framework for recognizing and validating professional qualifications throughout France.

PPA, operating as Pôle Paris Alternance, is renowned for its prestigious status and commitment to delivering degrees of exceptional quality and relevance. These degrees hold esteemed recognition within the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP), serving as a testament to their adherence to the highest standards. Moreover, PPA's degrees have received accreditation from the Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle (CNCP), providing an additional layer of assurance for their outstanding quality. This recognition and accreditation solidify PPA's unwavering dedication to delivering education of the utmost caliber.

Employers highly regard PPA's qualifications, and graduates from the school embark on successful careers across diverse industries. If you are seeking a challenging and rewarding business education, PPA is the perfect choice to unlock your potential for a successful future.

About PPA’s accreditations and rankings:
  • PPA is recognised by the French State to offer undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications.
  • The degrees offered by PPA are accredited and included in the RNCP (Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles), which translates to the National Directory of Professional Certifications in English
  • PPA Business School Paris France is accredited by the CNCP (Conseil National des Certifications Professionnelles), which means that they meet the highest standards of quality and relevance
  • PPA is ranked among the top business schools in France by the Financial Times and Eduniversal
  • The prestige of the PPA MBA program is enhanced by its equivalency to a qualification of RQF Level 7, as affirmed by UK ENIC.
  • PPA MBA graduates have the opportunity for their qualifications to be assessed by World Education Services (WES), opening doors for immigration and further studies in the United States and Canada
  • PPA MBA also holds equivalency from New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA), which further enhances its credibility and global mobility
  • PPA's graduates boast a high employment rate, with the majority securing employment within months of graduation